Monday, August 16, 2010


I am basically officially packed. Besides the things I need tomorrow (contact stuff, watch, phone, and computer), everything else is in boxes and bags, waiting either by the front door or the door to my room.

The final breakdown is:
2 boxes
1 checked bag
1 carry-on bag
1 tote bag as my personal item

My room is clean (oh my gosh!), but somehow it doesn't look like much is missing... which is sad, in more than one way. I think I need to get rid of things, if I've packed up everything I need for 4 months, but my room is still the same...

Right now, I'm burning DVDs to make room on my external hard drive, since I had a lot of movies on there. My sleep schedule is going to be so messed up on vacation. Ugh. Once this one is done burning, there's only one more though.

I've been reading people's blogs, and I must say, I am so excited for the first week, especially Traditions and Park Orientation. Mostly Traditions though. Every time I read another blog, I get more excited, because the anticipation is building. I keep feeling like I'm going to cry, but I haven't yet. I'm sure tomorrow or Wednesday morning though, it's going to happen.

I keep looking at my carpet, because I vacuumed, and it's soooo clean. Usually, I can't see it past all the stuff on it, but now all that stuff is in boxes, instead of on my floor or in the closet.

One great thing about packing for the College Program, and I'm not sure if anyone else had this happen, is that you purge a lot of things. You go "I don't need to bring this with me.. do I need it when I come back? I don't think so" and toss it.

I have a whole bunch of books I'm going to donate to the library, I got rid of massive amounts of body lotion and perfume and soaps, etc. I cleaned out papers, candy from Easter that I know I won't eat, all sorts of stuff. It felt great.

I only have 30 more hours in Boston. Wow. This is getting really cool. :)